— On the work of Domas van Wijk

''The piano Doesn't murder the player, if it doesn’t like the music'' 'Westworld quote S01E09 Dr. Robert Ford'

The work by Domas van Wijk is haunted by the ghosts of previous states. Or, in other words, the work is inhabited by different sources, references and material remnants one may be inclined to ascribe to bygone eras. Here it may be misleading to think that van Wijk is driven by sentiment and nostalgia, since his works does not seem to serve as an ode to popular culture and (art) historical examples, but find there inscription in a more open, loose and associative manner. That is to say, in his work one may observe the gradual loss of the objective and the documentary, to its recovery in the key of fiction and storytelling. Upon disclosure, his works manifest as sculptural installations consisting of different interlinking parts. Here it could be said that Domas van Wijk is simultaneously embodying the roles of being an artist and the figure of a trickster, creating layers and webs of different interlinking meanings and connections. He instigates synchronicity and proximity between parallel universes; based on chance he joins different worlds, bringing them together in sculptural assemblages in which animism serves to prioritize the medium as the message and the message as the medium in equal fashion.

1993, Zeist, NL

Currently lives and works in Rotterdam


2013-2017: Artez Arnhem b Fine arts


2017: Extrapool Nijmegen ‘Destilaat#19’

2017/2018: MIR Project Arnhem 2 Mounts Work period

2018: Schloss Ringenberg Hamminkeln (DE) 

2019: Gouvernement Gent (BE)

Grants and Awards

2017: Nominative ‘Hendrik valk prix 2017’

2017: Winner ‘Youngblood Award, Gogbod festival’

2017: Winner ‘Smurfit kappa DDW design challenge’

Other Activities

2019: Guest Teacher @ Taal Lab ARTEZ Zwolle

2018: Blog writer ”Art and innovation”, Art Business center, Arnhem

2018: Radio Broadcast: ‘Kunst is lang’ (mister motley)- With Lucas Lenglet, guest: Domas van Wijk


2019(MAY): The Player, Rotterdam @ Joey Ramone gallery, Group exhibition (NL)

2019(MAY): Nightshift, Group Exhibition @ Studio Antwerp (BE)

2019(APRIL/MAY): Duo Exhibition with Lin Geritsen @ Factor 44, Antwerp (BE)

2019(APRIL): Solo exhibition @ Government Ghent (BE)

2019(March): Show Room MAMA – Enter the Noösphere – Museumnacht010 (NL)

Solo Exhibitions

2017: MIR Project @ Arnhem – Solo exposition Domas van Wijk Curated by Alphons ter Avest

Selected Group Exhibitions

2019: Worm (Rotterdam) – Kill Your Darlings, Curated by Charlien Adriaenssens

2018: Concordia (Enschde) – Ik zie Ik zie Wat jij niet hoort, Curated by Petra Boonstra

2018: Loop Film festival Barcelona (ES)

2018: Always In The Kitchen @ CAMPO & Gouvernement GHENT Curated by Bent Van Looy and Martena Duss (BE)

2018: Terzetto – Sounds of music @ Sign (groningen) Curated by Marie-Jeanne Ameln & Ron Ritzerfeld

2018: De Dingen de Baas @ Extrapool (Nijmegen) curated by Herman van den Muijsenberg

2018: Z _ Exhibition @ Ringenberg With Christof John, Anne Krönker, Jonas Maas, Stefan Ramírez Pérez, Barbara Walbrun, Domas van Wijk Curated by Marian Stindt & Youri David Appelo (DE)

2018: MOAM x Paradiso, Open House curated by Martijn Nekoui

2018: Wast of Time @ Museum het Valkhof (Nijmegen) Curated by Adelheid Smit & Thorsten Schneider

2018: Tec Art @ Worm Rotterdam

2017: Gogbot Festival: ‘Youngblood’ Awards

2017: Ruru weekend @ Ruru huis Arnhem – Nieuwe ervaringen van de stad

2017:Destillaat#19 @ Extrapool Nijmegen    

2017: Peaches en Regalia @ De Nieuwe Gang- Gallery Beuningen, music Dj performance, invited by Jelle Slof and Ide Andre

2017: Artez Final exposition “A Love Story” Curated by Laura van Grinsven

2017: Culture on the Campus’, TOILED -Project” @ Radboud University, Group exposition, Curated by Kasper van Moll

2017: Bearwithus17 @ Tape Arnhem, group exposition, Curated by Domas van Wijk

2016: Mono – Rottedam, Dj Performance curated by Broken Toaster Records

2016: Incubate festival @ NS16 Tilburg, DJ Performance, Curated by Broken Toaster

2016: Grijsgebied @Hall of Fame, Tilburg- musical performance, in collaboration with Broken Toaster Records

2015: NDS Warehouse 2015 edition @ Arnhem, light/sound sculpture, with Lucas Sloot

2015: Draaimolen-Festival @ Tilburg, light/sound sculpture in collaboration with Lucas Sloot

2015: Ep release- Hubschrouber, light/sound sculpture @Brebl (Nijmegen), in collaboration With Lucas Sloot

2015: Hausse III @ Brebl (Nijmegen) in collaboration with Lucas Sloot- Curated by Herman van den Muijsenberg

2014: Hausse II @ Brebl (Nijemgen) in collaboration with Lucas Sloot- Curated by Herman van den Muijsenberg