A Love Story - Artez Finals 2017


A fake, LED-light powered candle flickers, causing irregular sound patterns on an electric guitar. The guitar’s sound triggers a Morse decoder, which produces an absurd poem worthy of Dadaist artist Kurt Schwitters. The words are printed by a laser jet printer, which activates and deactivates a stom-
ach pump with its movements back and forth. The stomach pump inflates and deflates a rubber chick- en, taking the shape of a woman in lingerie, who loudly shrieks with every breath. This is what you would probably get if letting Domas van Wijk have his way with a broad array of electronic gadgetsin an exhibition space. Further, he might celebrate the occasion bypopping some champagne bottles with vibrators.

The installations of Domas van Wijk are made of existing objects, machines, and situations that find new appropriation and meaning through the combinations Van Wijk creates between them. As is typical for contemporary technology, the 

mechan- ics driving the different elements remain incom- prehensible. Yet, the sounds that are produced by the various “meeting points” make these invisible mechanisms and electric connections sensible. Although the authorship of the artist is inexplicitly present in the relationship between the different elements of his installations, they seem self-sustain- ing, animated with a life of their own.